Up to 30% of the overall price!

Because regenerating additives are the economical solution

Using FENIXFALT® is contributing to:

  • Reduce the energy consumption associated with the manufacture of hot asphalt.
  • Reduce transportation costs
  • Reduce landfill costs for recycled materials
  • Save on the cost of materials and especially bitumen, in a context of very sharp increase in the prices of petroleum products and scarcity of mineral resources.
  • Reduce maintenance costs

The dosage is adjusted for each asphalt and grade of bitumen sought.

Meet the requirements of CSR approaches!

Because FENIXFALT® additives contribute to sustainable road construction

Using FENIXFALT® is contributing to:

  • Increasing road life
  • reuse the infinitely regenerated roads, a FENIXFALT asphalt can be recycled several times! The asphalt obtained thus becomes sustainable materials.

Because FENIXFALT® respects the environment and is committed to sobriety

Using FENIXFALT® is contributing to:

  • Reduce the number of extraction sites, the nuisances associated with the production and distribution of materials

  • Limit greenhouse gas emissions by reducing CO2 emissions (refining, storage and transportation of materials). 

“Infrastructure is strongly affected by the objectives of carbon neutrality by 2050. While 34.3 million tons of bituminous mixtures were produced (excluding cold products) in France in 2018, the challenge is to reduce the consumption of raw materials and therefore to develop the recycling of materialsCEREMA 

Because asphalt regeneration is a solution for the future:

FENIXFALT RM® / REGEFALT® was successively noticed as a major technical innovation in 2009 as part of a project presented during the road innovation competition. In 2011, REGEMAC® was declared the winner of the CEREMA Road Innovation Competition as part of a joint presentation with Roger MARTIN.

The REGEMAC® technique makes it possible to recycle asphalt aggregates into new asphalt without limitation of rates, by regenerating the old bitumen contained and modifying the binder obtained in chemically grafted elastomeric bitumen. The asphalt thus obtained responds to the problem of road surfaces and particularly for those that support very high traffic.

Because they are additives for road construction with innovative chemical technology:

The active ingredients of FENIXFALT® additives act at the heart of bitumens and generate a complex chemical process that consists of reducing oxidized substances and creating a network of irreversible chemical bonds between radical polymerization type constituents.

FENIXFALT® additives address the whole issue of aging by treating its effects. FENIXFALT’s© chemical process replicates binders ranging from road bitumen of the desired grade to modified bitumen with high elasticity

FENIXFALT® invests in Research and Development

The company has embarked on a program on the evaluation of the thermomechanical performance of bituminous asphalt with a high recycling rate and the impact of another regenerator, REGEFALT®.

The study was conducted using various formulas of three families of bituminous asphalt, with variable recycling rates and with or without the presence of the regenerating REGEFALT®. The comparative study of mixtures showed the favorable impact of the regenerator on the workability and rutting of the mixtures as well as on their viscoelastic rigidity. In addition, REGEFALT® contributes to the improvement of the fatigue parameter. It shows a favorable impact with a high rate of asphalt aggregates on traffic.


Because FENIXFALT® is a bold modern company

Carried out by ALDESA in 1996 over 50 km – RN 525 C & L (Spain) – 1st in situ 100% recycling project with bitumen regeneration (Spanish patent granted on 16/9/1999 n° 2 122 908). The project evaluated between 94 and 95 by the Directorate of Roads and CEDEX was followed up to 2001 and was completely satisfactory.

After 6 years of service, the road surface was examined and was the subject of numerous samples allowing fatigue tests and measurement of the modules. The results found are either equivalent to the reference performance during commissioning or have improved.

CEDEX follow-up report: “Informe técnico ‘ Seguimiento de la obra de reciclado en caliente en la carretera N-525 enn la Provincia de ZAMORA’ Convenio de Estudio de las Técnicas de Reciclado de Firmes y Estabilización de Explanadas – Cedex 31-497-3-076 ”

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Thermomechanical performance of recycled and regenerated EME with high AE content

Published by Dossier Recherche et Innovation n°963 – May 2019