FENIXFALT®, a new life for the road!

A major innovation with regenerating additives for sustainable, efficient, economical and ecological roads!

Committed to industrial sobriety and the circular economy since 2009, a pioneer in its field, FENIXFALT® is the only economical and efficient solution for the regeneration of road bitumens in line with sustainable development and allowing high rates of hot recycling of asphalt.

A bold and modern French company

FENIXFALT® defends the values of the circular economy and sobriety in the field of road surfaces.

FENIXFALT® is a leader in the innovative concept of “regeneration” of aged bitumen. It is the essential partner of road construction professionals.


FENIXFALT® DESIGNS PRODUCES  MARKETS patented high-tech additives

Our additives allow:

  • To regenerate the aged bitumens contained in the used road surfaces (bituminous asphalt) and to recover them by recycling the asphalt aggregates and by conversion to conventional or improved new bitumen = > additives REGEMAC®, REGEFALT® and REGEDREN®
  • To modify all types of asphalt and to improve the properties of new or aged bitumens and bituminous binders by guaranteeing resistance to deformation and fatigue = > MODIFALT® additives
  • Road construction with durability confirmed thanks to its chemical technology.

The range of additives is presented in the form of small granules, packaged in big bags or cartons, storable at room temperature, easily transportable.

 Using FENIXFAT® additives guarantees durable roads with high mechanical performance, and savings of up to 30% of the overall price compared to a conventional solution! A FENIXFALT® asphalt can be recycled several times

Expertise company with recognized and sustainable efficiency.

FENIXFALT®, a long experience in road applications.

Noticed as a major technical innovation or declared winner of the CEREMA road innovation competition, REGEFALT® and REGEMAC® regenerating additives are the solution to your used road bitumen regeneration projects.

Only the FENIXFALT® solution proves its durability over more than 8 years of use of the roads produced with our products.

The results of the IREX DVC National Program “Durability of surface layers” presented in 2022 by CEREMA confirm the good results in the cracking of the condition of the boards made on the RD996 and RD949B roads.

Remarqués comme une innovation technique majeure ou déclarés lauréat du concours innovation routière du CEREMA, les additifs régénérants REGEFALT® et REGEMAC® sont la solution à vos projets de régénération du bitume routier usagé.

Seule la solution FENIXFALT® apporte la preuve de sa durabilité sur plus de 8 ans d’utilisation des routes produites avec nos produits.

Les résultats du Programme national IREX DVC “Durabilité des couches de surface” présentés en 2022  par le CEREMA confirment les bons résultats à la fissuration de l’état des planches réalisées sur les routes RD996 et RD949B.