– Presentation of FENIXFALT® –



FENIXFALT®, a family business, was created in 2009 in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques by Emile LOPEZ, inventor of the FENIXFALT® process and technology. Expert in bitumen chemistry, 35 years of experience in international road works, he has notably contributed to the development of a “blockbuster” of road surface.

FENIXFALT® has invested in a major Research and Development program for more than 10 years and obtained the justification of the technicality of these products.

FENIXFALT® designs, produces and markets innovative additives that regenerate aged bitumens contained in used (asphalt) road surfaces and modify and improve the properties of new or aged bitumens and bituminous binders.


FENIXFALT® is a chemical technology for regenerating all aged bitumens for more sustainable roads.

FENIXFALT®, specialist in additives for the regeneration of aged asphalt bitumen:

The active ingredients of FENIXFALT® additives act at the heart of bitumens and generate a complex chemical process that consists of reducing oxidized substances and creating a network of irreversible chemical bonds between radical polymerization type constituents.

FENIXFALT® additives address the whole issue of aging by treating its effects. FENIXFALT’s® chemical process replicates binders ranging from road bitumen of the desired grade to modified bitumen with high elasticity.


As part of the calls for projects for the year 2009 of the Ministry of Ecology, Energy, Sustainable Development and the Sea, FENIXFALT® was noticed by the jury who considered its proposal as an important innovation in the field of hot recycling. In 2011, REGEMAC® was declared the winner of this Road Innovation Competition.

REGEMAC® is a process of asphalt with regenerated bitumens with improved characteristics and modified by elastomers from aged bitumen. With REGEMACasphalt aggregates are recycled without rate limitation. The binders obtained are of the chemically grafted elastomer type. The asphalt with REGEMAC® binder produced, responds to the problem of duration and resistance of the road surfaces subject to the constraints of very high traffic.

CEREMA Transport and Materials Infrastructure has certified the use of the REGEMAC® RM process, in BBSG 0/10 to 10% formulas of pure bitumen asphalt and polymer-modified bitumen, judged on the basis of visual surveys, adhesion measurements, macro texture measurements and profile measurements.